Who we are. We come from different corners of the world and have diverse educational and professional backgrounds. We are bound together by the passion of new ways of working, innovation and disruptive strategies. We believe that people make the difference. Our backgrounds are in the fields of leadership and management, artificial intelligent, education, operations research, design, information technology, facilitation, statistics, organizational behavior, logistics and economics. We value diversity, and the richness of our backgrounds gives us the range of expertise to help our partners to renew and change their organizations to meet today’s most challenging problems. We are trusted partners and support for organizations that make a difference all over the world.

How we are organized. We are a virtual group of professionals bound by the latest virtual collaboration and self-organizing methods and tools. We try out new processes and methods first in our group before implementing them in partner organizations. We draw from each other’s knowledge and support each other in providing our partners the latest solutions, methods, innovative ideas and implementation support. We are structured to work forward on the six program themes to provide you the latest knowledge in these fields. In addition we have expert groups that work as task force together with the most prevailing issues our partners have.  Please find below descriptions of our current expert groups.

Current expert groups: