Mission. Augmented Leadership Institute is a consultancy and research organization. We partner with businesses and non-profit organizations to create a post-industrial future of work together. Augmented Leadership Institute’s mission is to create leapfrogging effects for its partners by using the opportunities and resources in the virtual worlds and robotics. We strive for work and work environments that are effective, engaging, rewarding and balanced. Yes, that is all possible, now.

Background. Our world and our society is going through structural change. The last time something similar took place was the Industrial Revolution between 1750-1850. Changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and technology had a profound effect on the social, economic and cultural conditions.  Almost every aspect of daily life was influenced, and in the two centuries following 1800, the world’s average per capita income increased over tenfold, while the world’s population increased over sixfold. The Internet and virtual worlds together with the technical advancements in robotics have brought us the next structural change. This time we will need to re-evaluate humanness and find new opportunities in the virtual and physical worlds. The ways we have been working in the face-to-face world are not efficient behaviors in the virtual worlds. Now we have the opportunity to achieve what we only have dreamt about.

Our beliefs. We are group of organizational strategists and innovators. We believe that various fields in corporate organizing, such as leadership, information technology, human resources and corporate real-estate, are entering a time of great changes and abundant opportunities.  We believe that now is the right time to lead organizations to find and create benefits from those opportunities. We believe that these benefits can be found by approaching the strategic changes from the point of view of everyday work. We believe in changes in organizational work behaviors in order to create strategic macro opportunities. We believe that you are the expert of your own work, but we are the catalytic force supporting organizational change agents like you.

What is Augmented Leadership Institute? Augmented Leadership Institute (we call it just AuLead among friends) is a California Public Benefit Corporation set up in 2012. You can find more information about B-corporations here: http://www.bcorporation.net/ . It is a new legal corporate structure, which allows for businesses to do good for the society while serving the shareholders. Our goal is to create work practices that are good for the human kind and bring us both material and spiritual wealth. Augmented Leadership Institute was founded by Sari Stenfors. Today we are a group of researchers and consultants from various fields of expertise, but bound together by the excitement of the new ways of working.  Augmented Leadership Institute’s in-real-life office is located in San Francisco, but our virtual office is where you are.


Our approach. We use the latest methodologies in the areas of future, change management, organizational behavior and use of virtual tools. We are ourselves fans of virtual work, facilitation methods and collaboration. We believe in experiential learning, piloting and rapid learning from successes and mistakes. We use our signature approaches, which are based on practice research and actor-network theory.  We look at the organizational behavior from the micro point of view and connect it to the big picture, your strategic goals, and macro trends. Everyday work and how it is done determines the faith of your organization, your community and our world. The virtual opportunities have completely changed the realities of everyday work, and goals beyond last years imagination are possible this decade.